I started on this site years ago when we were still uploading fokti albums! I was Allsmiles1 back th...
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I'm Apple and I've been natural for a little over 2 years. Most of that time, I've been stumbling ar...


I started on this site years ago when we were still uploading fokti albums!...
I am Prateek And I am new this websiteView on the ForumOriginal author: pra...
I'm Apple and I've been natural for a little over 2 years. Most of that tim...
Alright so here's a little backstory before I ask my question. I became a n...


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Sisterlocks on SCOTUS -- Representation Matters

Justice-Ketanji-Brown-Jackson-Oath Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson swears Oath at Senate Confirmation Hearings
Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

First, I got goosebumps first, then the tears came. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has made history. Her induction to the highest court in the United States brings with it the aspirations and dreams of Black women throughout the country. Not only from those of us who aspire to achieve greatness in the legal professions, but all of us. From the young woman dreaming of becoming a teacher, to the dancer dreaming of the stage, we all have been boosted by Justice Jackson's incredible achievement.

What is also important to note is her choice of natural hair style. Sisterlocks. If you don't know what they are, they are a system of cultivated Locs that are installed by a licensed, certified practitioner of the craft using a proprietary tool to kind of "crochet" the hair strand together to create each micro loc.

This Sisterlocks system is expensive, takes days to install and years to mature and as with any form of locking, requires discipline and dedication to successfully achieve the style. Once mature, genuine effort is needed by the wearer to keep the style.

Sisterlocks have been both loved and unloved in recent times. As with any technique, some women like the style, some don't. Anyone who has been around long enough knows the story. But at the end of the day, it is a natural hair style. It uses no harmful chemicals and embraces the texture of our natural hair in its natural way.

Our natural hair is IMPORTANT to us. Natural hair wearing has been discouraged, vilified and outright banned in some places in and out of our own community circles. Now that we have a Supreme Court Justice in locs, it means this conversation about our natural hair choices is at the forefront again.

 The powerful message Ketanji sends to Black Women

Not only is there now representation of Black women on the Supreme Court, but there is also representation of NATURAL HAIR on the Supreme Court. Not only natural hair, but LOCKED natural hair. For those of us already wearing our natural hair, it is validation of something we have been trying to show everyone else for generations. That our natural hair is versatile, wonderful and is beautiful.

The days referring to our natural hair as a fad are over.
The days of Black women's hair being held to European beauty standards need to end.

We have our own unique hair type. We have our own unique ways of styling and maintaining our natural hair type. We can do things with our hair no other hair type can. Whether we decide to wear an afro, locs, twists or braids, our hair holds its own and deserves respect, not vilification.

We are encouraged now, more than ever, to embrace what we have been blessed with. And that's a nice place to be.

Hey Y'all!
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