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Been googling for the last several days trying to find info about products for my hair type and thought, dang there's probably some natural hair forums out there that would be a better resource than these articles written to appeal to girls with 2a hair lol. Glad to be here.
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Wake up


They're killing us.
They've always killed us.
Black lives do not matter as much as White lives.

As far as I'm concerned, through all my pessimism this is a turning point because for the first time a SIGNIFICANT amount of non-Blacks worldwide and within our borders recognize the struggle is real. People are learning and though some prefer not to learn but to wallow in stupidity and with a blind refusal to see beyond their privilege, we are making progress. It is not up to Black people to change the system. We don't control the system. And until those who control the system make a concerted effort to change it, we will return to this point time after time after time as we have for over 400 years.

Keep the pressure up. Keep the movement going and do not allow yourselves to be distracted, taken off-message or pulled to the side.
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Hair Type?

Hi all, I'm new to this board and after some help please ?? after years of being natural, I'm still struggling to figure out my hair care needs. Anyone know what my hair type is judging by the pictures please? I know porosity matters more but I'm trying to find someone with hair like mine for hair care advice. Oh I think I'm high porosity too
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Hey Guys!!

Hi everyone I hope you’re all safe and staying healthy during these crazy times!! Hopefully you girls can give me some advice!! I have an 11 year old daughter. She’s been relaxed since the age of 5. Her hair has never really took to the relaxers as well as it could. Even though she would get relaxers her thick 4c texture would never come out bone straight, but it made her hair manageable for me to style. Recently back in April of this year during COVID-19 I noticed a lot of breakage in the back area of her head. I think the last relaxer that I applied was a bad one (hair stores where shut down), and that’s what caused the damage! I put her hair into large box braids for a month and when I took them down the breakage to her hair had spread up to almost ear to ear!

At this point I decided to cut off the relaxed ends of her hair to prevent further damage and to regrow my baby’s beautiful healthy hair! I’m dedicated to this healthy hair journey and I’ve committed myself to no longer use relaxers or any types of chemical treatments on her hair. I’m a newbie at this, and it’s not easy! So far I’ve been:
1. Shampooing /conditioning
2. Sectioning with Creamy Leave-In Conditioner / Shea Butter ->Twist out
This method has been working extremely well for her hair! As a result not only has her scalp been extremely clean and healthy, but her hair is staying very hydrated!

I’m running into problems when trying to style her hair! I’ve been trying to apply braids, or plaits with kanekalon hair, but it doesn’t last. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’m still trying to figure out which products work best for her hair. I’ve tried blowing her hair out prior to styling it, as well as using the hot comb to stretch her hair, but:
1. It straightens for a few minutes and then shrinks back up
2. It won’t straighten, and it curls right back up.
I used Janet 3X Carribean braid hair to Senegalese Twist her hair in its natural state using edge control, and Cantu Curl cream. After a day or so her natural hair shrinks and separates from the extensions, just like with the Kanekalon hair.

Her hair is very short right now, so i’m not sure what I’m able to do with it, but it’s getting frustrating and very expensive. I’m watching so many different videos and buying so many different products, and none of them are working! I’m sorry for writing such a long post, and I apologize if it’s confusing. Thanks in advance for any advice and support!
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Single hair knots seem to be multiplying in my hair

Please help I been moisturizing my hair and everything. I even clipped my ends. It just seem like the more I cut the knots keep appearing and my hair is not growing. Please help !
Original author: Diane Combs
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Chlorine and Natural Hair

I have a quick question on how chlorine affects natural hair. I’ve been fully natural for 6 years and always thought my hair was mostly 4a with some areas 4b/3c. However I went swimming the other day And didn’t wash out the chlorine right away. I already know that chlorine will make any hair type dry and crunchy if not washed but when I woke up the next morning my curls were a lot tighter in diameter (4b or maybe even tighter!). Once I washed my hair my curls loosened up to the size I’m used to. I just wanted to know if this is normal?
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ACV wash

After completing ACV wash on your locs, how do you return the moisture back to your hair.
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Considering Combining Locs

Since I have been self-retightening my locs, I realized how incredibly small some of them are. I am considering combining some. Has anyone combined their locs? If so, what was your experience?
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just wana feel good

I have tried everything to help my edges grow and the perimeter around my head and nothing works. I am almost completely bald around there. Should I accept the fact that it isn't going to grow back ever, if so how do I do that with so much hype over edge growth along with clowning of the edge less? I don't feel confident and it really affects my self-esteem and my self-worth is diminishing.. Please helpEnable GingerCannot connect to Ginger Check your internet connection
or reload the browserDisable in this text fieldEditEdit in GingerEdit in Ginger×
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Need help with new hairstyle

Hello I’m looking to finally change my hair style and stop wearing fake hair. My hair Is 4c has always been thick and Long due to my indian genes which I hate because I just want short curly hair. Does anyone have a step by step guide on how I can get my hair to look like any of the styles below? I no longer want to wear fake hair and just want to go natural. I would like to stick with hairstyles like these for the rest of my life and never wear crochet again.

I am willing to use product. I want my hair in a way that it doesn’t go back to its original state quickly and can stand the heat and rain.

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this community. I've been natural for over 10 years. However, I had Sisterlocks for almost two years. I've now been self- maintaining since COVID-19. I'm looking forward to my new journey and learning as much about natural hair as possible. Thank you for having me.
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Protest stories

As protests spread for a 3rd week, post George Floyd's assasinanation in the streets of Minneapolis, please post your protest pictures! What impactful wisdom have you been able to share in your circles to educate others on the importance of equity and inclusion? Please share!
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Loc build up. Don't know what to do.

Been loc'd for about 1.5 years. Back if my locs is in a state. I don't know where this shit has come from. I use minimal products. But I've been going awhile without washing( month or two gap) so maybe this is the culmination of my neglect. But I wonder why now. I've been doing these gaps in washes since I started and didn't have none of these problems. It's terrible. Is there a way to upload pics?
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Curls Depleting, Help Me Pls

Hi beautiful people,

I'd like to warn you that this will be a very thoroughly explained post so that i can get the very best help from this community. I made sure to do my homework and read through a lot of the forum topics + discussions to try to find any similarities to my hair issues. While i drew some comparisons to others' hair struggles, my ups and downs are in its own lane. But maybe what i share with you all today can shed light for some in the future :)

I am 27 years old and have naturally dark brown 3a and 3b shoulder length curls. I've always loved my curls and never the type to straighten my hair frequently, maybe 2 - 4 times a year max. With that being said, I always had a pretty good handle on how to manage my hair since i was a child. Disregard the fact that i used blue gel and mousse for most of my teenage years. I did, for the most part, ditched those products heavily filled with chemicals and sulfates at around 21, and decided to stop dying my hair to allow my natural hair color to flourish.

Fast forward to last year, when I first noticed my hair feeling very sticky in the beginning in Jan '19, after living 2 full years in NJ from South FL. My hair seemed fine in the winter, as tea tree oils and leave in conditioners like Cantu and Garnier were my holy grail. I was also using Suave Argan Oil &/or Moroccan Oil Shampoo 1/2 times a week & Conditioner at least 3 times a week. Every month I would do at least 1/2 deep hair treatments/masques, particularly Deva Curl and Shea Moisture and Briogeo.

When my hair started to feel sticky, it was usually while in the shower - as i would finger detangle my curls after letting the conditioner sit for 5-10 minutes. This would go on for a couple of months, and then a different type of issue would come about.
My hair started to become extremely hard to manage, and moisture would not stay. My hair would get soo dry and knotty when it dried after washing it a few hours before and then apply styling products while it was damp. It was not like my hair at all. My hair would look frizzy and thirsty no matter what i used. Before, my hair could go for 3 days easily, unwashed, and still maintain its volume and curl pattern if i simply applied water to it. So i decided to stop using all Suave, Cantu, and Garnier products and stick to solely Deva Curl & Shea Moisture.

My hair started coming out thick, as early as Spring last year. I remember thinking to myself that it did not look like the normal hair ball i would accumulate while in the shower, literally whole strands of curls would come out and i my eyes would water because my hair was going through major shit. The hair thinning really came in strong from spring to summer. And my hair pattern would start to change around this time too.

My curls began to look straightened from the roots to the mid shaft - by my nose - then curl the last 2 inches. It looked awful. And on top of that, the body of my hair decreased by half its density and my hair looked noticeably gone. At this point i started to eliminate all products from my regimen except Deva Curl Hair Masques and Shea Moisture Black Castor Oil Conditioner. Using Shea moisture as a leave-in when needed to style.

The hair thinning lessened around the fall time last year. My hair was so depleted at this point anyways. Frizzy, half straightened out/half curly, flat and less voluminous more than ever before. I maintained about 3-4 hair cuts throughout 2019 and am not sure if i witnessed my hair growing or if the straightening of my curls played a role in the length.

I also want to mention that i feel and can see that in the middle of my scalp, it is completely flat. My hair would usually voluminize itself at the center of my head, so i realized that this is where hair is mostly losing its curl pattern, from the roots to mid shaft. Also, at the sides of my head where my hair line started. Luckily hairline didn't thin out too badly.

Last November was the very FIRST time that i straightened my hair that year - against my own instincts only because my sister was getting married. So traditionally i of course, went to a Dominican hair stylist, but someone that i had never been to, who my mother highly recommended. Nevertheless, i straightened my hair and noticed how badly my hair thinned out when seeing how little of a pony tail i had. It was heart-breaking. Even the hair stylist told me it wasn't normal and i should be concerned.

When i washed my hair from the straightening, after 5 days, my hair was damaged like i had never seen before. My curls were straightened out except for about an inch at the ends. Total devastation ensued. I didnt know what to do except for.. nothing.
I eliminated everything from my hair care lineup at this point except for Mielle's Berry palmade edge control, because at this point i was wearing my hair in a bun or a hat almost everyday.

I went from being the girl with the hair that everyone envied (which i was always humble about, letting whoever in on whatever product or secret i had) to the girl who tried to hide her hair as much as possible. In Jan. of this year i went to a dermatologist who took some strands and examined my scalp. The results and examination came back with no irregularities.

A facebook with over 60,000 members, that i joined, believes that Deva Curl is the primary reason behind our hair struggles. I will say though, that i find the most similarities with those in that group than here and other curly hair forums, so there has to be some sort of connection i think. The administrator's main claim is that it is the plastic that DC uses is harming our hair follicles. Could be.

Another interesting find that i pieced together was my diet. At the end of 2018, i completely eliminated all pork, red meat, turkey and even eggs from my diet. Except for moms holiday pernil (it's a sin to Puerto Ricans not eat this during Xmas Eve).
Upon doing some extensive research, i found a study that explains how curly hair follicles are made up of proteins that contains many copies of the amino acid cysteine. Cysteine amino acids can bond with other cysteines further down the hair shaft contributing to curling of the hair between the bonds. Curly hair has more of these bonds, referred to as disulfide bonds, than straight hair because the follicle shape and angle allows different regions of the hair to come closer together making these bonds easier to form.

Foods that are highest in cysteine amino acids are poultry and eggs. So i of course added them back to my diet and am now solely using all natural + organic hair treatments with the exception of 2 products: Creme of Nature Leave-In-Condtioner Spritz and Shea Moisture Castor Oil Conditioner.
I now only conditioner the hair once a week, usually on sundays and shampoo every other week.

I use half apple cider vinegar + spring water with sprigs of rosemary to condition.
to shampoo Olive oil + ACV + lime + egg followed by Shea Moisture Conditioner.
In between washes i spray my hair with an aloe vera mixed with water solution i made that smells like musky armpits.
and that's all folks.

My hair is still lacking in its curl pattern, definition + volume, dryness, and a lot of frizziness. I will say the hair loss has gotten somewhat better but hard to say when you only wash once a week.. I'm overly optimistic and just hope that my hair can recover from all of this.

If you all can please drop your all time favorite natural remedies and DIY products below, it'd be greatly appreciated. As well as any natural treatments/brands/supplements to implement in my daily routine would be superb. Feel free to drop links to articles and your own experiences if they may be similar.

Many, many thanks in advance to all of you and may we forever cherish the crowns were blessed with

love & light to you all♡


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Uneven hair growth or hair stopped growing

I don’t want to write too much and have people lost in content so I’ll just jump straight to it, to make a long story short, I’ve been loc,d up since Christmas 2019. I’ve noticed that my front locs are either not growing or growing slower than my locs in the back of my hair. Locs in the back are around 4-5 inches when not stretching the loc itself. The front it’s only about 2-2.5 inches and some Locs even shorter. I’m not sure what’s going on here but I decided to wear them in braids until the front catches up to the back.........HOPEFULLY
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head wraps and bonnets

Any head wrap/bonnet lovers out there? I recently came across this black business that provides head wraps and bonnets. I just thought I'd share with everyone! I love the silk bonnet that I got. www.chiwrapz.com It really helps my curls and protects my hair. they have a 15% off sale with the code "CHECKOUT"
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Headwraps and bonnets

Any head wrap/bonnet lovers out there? I recently came across this black business that provides head wraps and bonnets. I just thought I'd share with everyone! I love the silk bonnet that I got. www.chiwrapz.com It really helps my curls and protects my hair. they have a 15% off sale with the code "CHECKOUT"
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help with dry, thick, nappy hair!!

hello!! im 13 and have thick hair up to about my shoulders on the front of my hair and to my armpits in the back. my mom always had me go to the hairdresser when i was 9-12 and in january of this year i got a perm. right now my hair is thick, dry, the roots and back of my hair are very fizzy, thick, and nappy. and the roots all around my hair stand up as if its in a ponytail. but the front of my hair is straight. i never learned how to properly do and take care of my hair at all. the products my mom makes me use makes my hair the exact same as it was before the next day, even when i wash my hair it still looks bad. and also my hair hasnt grown for years and recently ive been very sad about my hair and i got bullied a bit cause my hair looked like a ‘birds nest’ also my hair is naturally straight, ive never seen it curly but after the perm i got the roots got curly?

thanks if you can help me!!

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Cold water rinse

Does any one else’s hair feel brittle from this? Mine does!
Original author: SugarCareBear
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Rice water

Who has experienced protein overload? What does it feel like?
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Nappturality Shoe 300 faded

Your Natural Hair is NOT a Fad

Wearing natural hair is not a fad. It is not a fashion trend. It's the natural hair you were born with. So why can't you wear it?
Don't believe the negative hype..

Lakishia Brown Natanya Jones3 Kathy Terrell 2 Iman Whitmore 2 KaTina Smith Walker Andrea Cantrell MrsNohaterallowed Taylor2 Nyree' Allen Leslie Blakely Shalari Drakes Leslie Blakely3 Jariel Deanna2 Monica Evans2 Jillijoy Holloway Sheila Da She Serumula Talishia Robins Chenay N. Bryant Da OC MrsNohaterallowed Taylor Juanita Simmons Jagged Edge Gloria Obruche 2 Shannon Bell Hairbyjuanibless2 Vicky Hightower Leslie Blakely4 Bokua Adwoa Bray 2 Angela Watkins3 Abigail Boyce Jariel Deanna1 J LaKayle Jones3 Gema Ebanks Amanda Flowers Peterson Courtney Davis Monica Evans Debra Chatman Raticka Scruggs Msincognito Shades Tonyelle Bennett Mysteek NaturalHair Nadia Newton Nikki Poole 2 Kaleta Battle Tamara Hinkle Moore Jaunene Jones Rhonda Littles Hairbyjuanibless4 Melinda IzsoDivine Sheila Da She Serumula2 Monica Evans4 Daniella Cardoza Leslie Blakely9 Angela Watkins2 Frankie Monroe Angela Watkins Leslie Blakely8 Mary Wells KaRen JackSon2 Heeyy Jessie2 Shekera Combs Monique Colon2 Frankie Monroe 2 Betty Alexander McGriff Lekeytha Dukes Shaw Monique Wilson Leslie Blakely7 Heeyy Jessie Bokua Adwoa Bray Leslie Blakely2 Maya Mj James Eiimariiee Rosee Lynn Urecha Dunn HairbyJuanibless Tiffany Smith Talishia Robins2 Raticka Scruggs2 Jagged Edge3 Cheryl Freemon Watts2 Jagged Edge2 Sheila Da She Serumula Trina Smith Princess First'Lady Briggs Michele Washington Emmanuelle Key Dickerson Kim Lewis Ednasia Green Vanessa Agee Chara Harris Linda Brown Campbell Selena So Blessed Mckibben Alnita Reaves Vaught Akeisha Angie Knight2 Ayesha La Vonia Boyd Angie Knight Daphanie Brooks Nicki Wade Tammie Elkerson Mcgill EJ Thompson Lorraine Gray Curley N Cynthia Simpson Adey's Natural Hair Tips Shadi Shukuma Maepa Adaleia Coultman4 Jillijoy Holloway3 Kathy Terrell 4 Andrea Cantrell 2 Urecha Dunn2 Cynthiakim1 KaTina Smith Walker2 Lysa Davis Kennedra Tucker Sharea Twymon Summers J LaKayle Jones2 Monique Colon Trina Smith 3 Jillijoy Holloway2 Michelle Hudson Destiny Hawkins LaJoia Hamilton Denise Billings Monique Colon Sonjia Murphy Mary Wells Jay Roge3 Sarah Moore 2 Raticka Scruggs Tammy Mariano Gilly Dee Bella Zambezie Solange Campos Sasha Stoute2 Toma Thornhill Sophonie Bien Aime Notm Pressed Daniella Cardoza2 J LaKayle Jones Emmanuelle Key Dickerson2 Adrienne Lifeisgolden Skinner2 Khady Didi Sow Marilyn E Lowe Troya Sowell ShaRon Hicks2 Kathy Terrell Sonya Makeba Carolyn Parker Andrea Cantrell 3 Miz Jones Leslie Blakely6 Notm Pressed3 Kayla Bush Bella Negra1 Richeau Breland Cynthiakim2 Kenita Mitchell Ashley Erica Holmes Hale Jewel Grant Ann Brown Frankie Monroe 1 Candace Montgomery Leslie Blakely5 Natanya Jones KaTina Smith Walker3 Adrienne Lifeisgolden Skinner Chasity Williams Monica Evans3 KaRen JackSon Maya Mj James2 Cheryl Freemon Watts Star Bullard Brandi Murphy Leah Prater Tiara Shinae Keia Parker Raven Nacole Madison Divinity Starr Princess First'Lady Briggs3 Sarah Moore Adaleia Coultman Trina Smith 2 Chelsea Patterson Sanders Adrienne Lifeisgolden Skinner3 Solange Campos 1 Tammie Braggs Dominique Truthfairy Williams Watt Kaynisha Renee Martin Nikki Poole Jay Roge4 Kathy Terrell 3 Princess First'Lady Briggs4 Marenda Eison Sylvia Randi Carroll Adaleia Coultman3 Heila Da She Serumula 2 Regina Ellis Livingston Jay Roge6 Jazmine J. Boss Iman Whitmore Gilly Dee Mysteek NaturalHair2 Jay Roge Hairbyjuanibless3 KaRen Saundrea Arila Mendez Diamond Mull KaRen JackSon Irena Shipley Kimberly Montague Bryanna Knight Gloria Obruche 1 Natanya Jones2 Sheila Da She Serumula3 Jariel Deanna Sasha Stoute Latanya Coverson Samantha Jordan Naiesha Howell Jennifer Bass Queena Beenblessed Williams2 Karmen B. Jones Princess First'Lady Briggs2 Lauren Foster Walls Queena Beenblessed Williams LaShawn Hairbyjuanibless5 Adaleia Coultman2 Tracy Gary Jacqueline Parker Antoinette Jeaninne Jariel Deanna3 Yasmeen Cookngd Ali Brown Essie Dodson Nikki Poole Melody Dark Lisa Amos Wilson LaCharla Figgs Katrina Stallworth