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Tips on length retention

What has helped you guys retain length?
Original author: SugarCareBear
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Can you guys recommend any curling custards?
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Hey! I’m a newbie!
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I’m new here!
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Hi I'm TWA63

Sporting a twa and working on growing my hair!
Original author: TWA63
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Rice water?

A woman I am subscribed to on YouTube recently posted a video on rice water and how it has helped grow her hair. I’m curious about it. Has anyone had any success with it? I’m currently in a TWA stage and looking to get out quick lol.
Original author: QueenArame
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From natural to relaxers to natural all over again :)

Hi. My name is Arame (pronounced air-uh-me) and I’m 18 years old. My natural hair journey has just began for me, I big chopped my hair back in March. My relaxed hair was looking a hot mess and I couldn’t hold on to it any longer so I grabbed them scissors and I cut it all off.

Admittedly I’m not as in love with my hair as I used to be as a child. Back then my hair was very long and flourished and we had a good relationship but then in middle school I ran into a problem with bullying and my insecurities got the best of me, so I asked my mom for a relaxer. Since then I’ve been getting relaxers in my hair and cutting it and experimenting. There would be times when I would revert back to natural, but never for long. This time I’m sticking with natural and staying far far away from chemicals.

I have lost all knowledge about my hair so now I’m getting to know it all over again. I hope to get back to the crown that was once mine, wishing and hoping
Original author: QueenArame
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Tips for growing hair and keeping hair moisturized?

I did the big chop back in March, I’m over relaxers for the last time. I’ve had them since middle school and I’m 18 now. I’m starting fresh and I’m honestly pretty awkward with my natural hair, especially with it being short and I’m not sure how to care for it and style it, all I know is to keep it moisturized but that gets difficult for me because my hair never seems to stay moisturized and it dries up very easily, especially my scalp which gets flaky.
I decided that I want to grow it out and skip past the TWA phase by adding extensions to my hair via box braids. Will box braids help my hair grow? Would it be okay to have them reinstalled continuously period after period?
And I have a very sensitive scalp, so I’m allergic to certain synthetic brands, I haven’t come across hair that hasn’t made me itch like crazy. I recently had some box braids installed with Xpression hair and my scalp was so irritated and I felt like I had lice or bugs in my head and I threw the hair away and had to baby my scalp afterwards, it was terrible. I even tried the ACV but that didn’t help at all.
I heard about this brand called Spetra or Spectra that claims to be itch free, has anyone tried that? If box braids won’t work for me then what alternative could I do to grow my hair?
Sorry if it’s a lot, I just have a lot of questions haha. Thanks.
Original author: QueenArame
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Texturizer damage

About a year ago my mom put a texturizer in my hair. When she put it in she mainly focused on my roots because my hair is super thick at the roots. However she ended pulling it through so my roots came out straight. Fast forward to now when my hair has grown out, now I have about 3 inches of bone straight hair in the middle of my hair and curly ends and roots on the top of my hair. My hair looks crazy and I can't wear it down anymore but I don't want to cut because it's only in some parts and my ends are fine. I tried protein treatments and but nothing seems to work. Does anyone know how to remedy this?
Original author: Vanitysam
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Need serums/lotions/pomades for 4C hair

I used bentonite clay on my hair as shampoo, and I like how it makes my hair looks weighty and it makes my curl pattern come out more. What pomades/lotions/serums do that for 4C hair as an every day use? :D:D

Extra info: I did big-chop 20 months ago. Ive been wearing protective styles to grow out my hair
Original author: Nn3ka
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Experienced African hair stylists?

My daughter has natural, African hair, but it pains me when her mother does her hair because she makes her cry. EVERY TIME.
My daughter cries every time she has her hair done because her mother brushes it loose.

To my understanding, it's not necessary to brush African hair. I think that she can brush it with her fingers, if she has to brush it. But other than that, the hair should be natural. So after a shower, just leave it be, and add styling product with the fingers, because brushing is too much of a pain for my daughter.

Is my understanding correct? Is her mother doing something wrong? I think that just having natural hair would be fine. I don't think she'd get tangles, if there is such a thing after adding styling product. I feel like if she left her hair natural, it would just curl up, and they'd be beautiful curls, but her mother is one of those black women that straightens her own hair. As if the history of conking hair means nothing.

So, any experienced people with this type of hair have an opinion?
Original author: Ajaw
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How can I get this hair? Male

I love this hairstyle and I was wondering what I need to use/steps to do to get it. How long should it grow for? Thanks

Original author: Mark122
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My hair needs help #

Let me begin by talking about my hair and what it's been through. For starters, I definitely have type 4 hair. Mostly 4a/4b with a bit of 4c in the back (maybe). My hair is very low porosity and pretty resilient I would say. Despite bleaching, dyeing, and straightening it every week for years under 450°, the most damage I got was just a looser curl pattern (3c-ish). When I was younger, my hair was long and healthy from what I've been told, and I can't exactly say when things turned bad except for when I started straightening it daily to weekly. After several years of straightening and dyeing I decided to cut my hair into a bob that did not look as good as I thought it would. Ever since, I've been on a hair growth journey. It's been a year and four months since I cut my heat and color damage off. My main problem begins here.
My hair always feels dry, no matter what. It could be drenched in water with tons of conditioner in it and it still feels rough and tangled, even after detangling. It never seems to be fully detangled. It never seems to be fully moisturized. It's known that natural hair is its most defined and hydrated when soaking wet, but my hair feels the complete opposite. I don't remember a time when my hair has ever felt hydrated. There's no curl pattern no matter how much water I have in it and no matter how much gel I apply. I have so many single strand knots despite trimming my hair just last month. I chalked everything up to the fact that my hair has been dry/neglected for the majority of my life so I decided to try an experiment.
Since we are under quarantine for about a month, my goal was to wet my hair every single day in the shower, condition and finger detangle, apply leave in and do a wash n go until my hair was trained. After about a week of doing so I haven't noticed a change and I am back to hating my hair. I hate my hair in a wash n go state because no matter how much gel I apply, the majority of my hair is frizzy immediately upon application. It looks fine as I'm applying and raking it through, and the curls separate nicely in my hands as I'm pulling on my hair, but as soon as I let go, most of the strand goes frizzy and only the ends will form a curl. I tried everything from singling to finger coils and so, so much gel every single day hoping that eventually I would get a root to tip curl instead of just the ends and so far nothing has worked. I don't know if I'm explaining it right but hopefully you understand.
So now onto experiment number two. I plan to do braidouts for the rest of this quarantine and hopefully that helps retain moisture and give me a bit of stretch so my hair isn't tempted to tangle itself. I'm hoping this would decrease the single strand knots and constant tangling. But here's where another problem comes into play. At my workplace we are required to wear hats as part of our uniform, which means my hair has to be tied up and able to fit under the hat. I have been brushing my hair back into a Ponytail every day for multiple reasons.
1. I can't have my hair out at work
2. I can't keep it in a Ponytail for more than the time I am at work because it puts stress on my hair and I can't co-wash/detangle it if it is still in a Ponytail, but I also have to do it all over again because I have work the next day
My hair gets very very dry if I have it out for more than a day, which is my reasoning for wetting it every day until it is trained to retain moisture for longer. On the weekends I will keep my hair out for 2 days before doing a shampoo wash and deep condition with a heated cap.
My questions are: Is this an okay method for trying to nurse my hair back to health? What can I do to train my hair to develop a curl pattern instead of frizz? What else can I do eliminate single strand knots besides chopping an inch of hair off every month?
Thank you for taking the time to read this if you did. Any help would be appreciated.
Original author: LanaT
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Sisterlocks transition to 2 strand twist/palm rolling

Hello! I’m a newbie. Have had SL’s for nearly 5 years.

Has anyone transitioned from SL’s to another Lock form? If so, I binned as much information as possible.
Original author: Rhondac728
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Michigan COVID Infection & Death Rates in Black population SOAR.

To those who spread the lie that Black people are immune to COVID-19, shame on you! I saw that lie posted and shared all over Facebook.

Michigan is now reporting the racial breakdown of COVID-19 cases. So far, 10,791 positive cases have been reported & 417 deaths. Of that, African Americans account for 35% of cases & 40% of deaths. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, just 14.1% of MI’s population is black.

Link to source: https://twitter.com/kat__stafford/st...401283584?s=21
Original author: deecoily
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Show me your quarantine hair

OMG, what are you all doing? I know my locked sisters have it on lock LOL.

But the rest of us... are you going to do something you haven't done before? I am close to getting the scissors out.
Original author: deecoily
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What is your State / Country doing? How do you feel about it?

I'm currently in Australia where we are in a country-wide shut down. Most businesses have closed and we are under stay-at-home instructions. No gatherings outside of over 2 people. On the spot fines for people who don't follow the social distancing rules. Only things open outside essential services are supermarkets. Schools are closed because parents kept kids at home.

The country has basically shut its borders and if you arrive here now you are placed into forced quarantine for 2 weeks.

Millions have lost their jobs but today the government announced that if companies keep people on their payroll during the pandemic instead of firing them, the government will pay every employee $1500 per fortnight. The unemployment benefits have been raised to $1200 per fortnight for those who have no job to get back to.

People in small towns are ganging up on non-local people coming to their towns to escape. Some supermarkets in smaller towns have instituted "locals only" policies and won't allow people outside the area to shop there so supplies aren't hoarded.

The curve is flattening here but not fast enough. My family is in Rhode Island and Massachusetts so I'm keeping close tabs on what's going on there. Our family new normal is talking on ZOOM every other day. We've got elderly parents locked up at home so we need to keep an eye on them and make sure they have everything they need. We are in contact with them every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I'm still searching for a good game to play with my Mom over the internet. Any ideas?

Attached Images
Original author: deecoily
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Any Tips for a Relaxed Newbie?

Before I start, I should mention that I'm still fairly young (16 to be exact) so don't judge me too harshly :D

In January, I finally had enough of my mom choosing everything for me since everything she wanted I either didn't like the look of, or caused me too much pain to feel worth it. I chose to have it relaxed as it really helps with the pain and I personally think it looks really nice. My only problem is that she never taught me anything regarding hair care other than "Shampoo and condition it once a week" (I really don't agree with this. I find that my hair looks and feels much better when I condition it multiple times a week). She still has to style it for me, which I hate because I want to be able to grow up. At its longest, my hair reaches my jawline, so there's not too much to worry about yet. I'd like any help you can offer in protective styles I can do myself and with the hair on my head so I can finally get my own routine going and she won't have to baby me anymore. I'd also appreciate any product recommendations since I need to buy more any way. Thanks in advance, ladies!
Original author: NaturallyRichie
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Hi there

Am Racheal, from Uganda this my first time doing natural and things are not going as I expected to,have loose my edges,my all hair is damaged ??#,,I found this site when I was searching for African natural hair forums then this appeared on top but am glad I joined you guys
Original author: Rac.Nantale
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Hi there

Am Racheal, from Uganda this my first time doing natural and things are not going as I expected to,have loose my edges,my all hair is damaged ??#,,I found this site when I was searching for African natural hair forums then this appeared on top
Original author: Rac.Nantale
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Nappturality Shoe 300 faded

Your Natural Hair is NOT a Fad

Wearing natural hair is not a fad. It is not a fashion trend. It's the natural hair you were born with. So why can't you wear it?
Don't believe the negative hype..

Emmanuelle Key Dickerson Shadi Shukuma Maepa Mysteek NaturalHair2 Monique Colon Mary Wells Richeau Breland Sophonie Bien Aime Jillijoy Holloway Marilyn E Lowe Raticka Scruggs Jariel Deanna3 Trina Smith Debra Chatman Sonya Makeba Leslie Blakely2 Heeyy Jessie2 Princess First'Lady Briggs2 Jay Roge3 Leslie Blakely4 Lorraine Gray Toma Thornhill Sheila Da She Serumula2 Kaynisha Renee Martin Dominique Truthfairy Williams Watt Sheila Da She Serumula Queena Beenblessed Williams Angie Knight Mysteek NaturalHair Trina Smith 3 Marenda Eison Kathy Terrell 2 Ednasia Green Frankie Monroe 1 KaRen Leslie Blakely3 KaRen JackSon Trina Smith 2 Kathy Terrell 4 Leslie Blakely6 Princess First'Lady Briggs Hairbyjuanibless2 Heeyy Jessie Tonyelle Bennett Andrea Cantrell 2 Daniella Cardoza2 Melinda IzsoDivine Juanita Simmons Nicki Wade J LaKayle Jones Leslie Blakely Iman Whitmore 2 LaJoia Hamilton Tiara Shinae Nikki Poole ShaRon Hicks2 LaCharla Figgs Sharea Twymon Summers Irena Shipley KaTina Smith Walker EJ Thompson Maya Mj James Kimberly Montague Monica Evans4 Lauren Foster Walls Monique Colon2 Candace Montgomery Iman Whitmore Monique Wilson Bryanna Knight Sheila Da She Serumula3 Michele Washington Monica Evans Destiny Hawkins Adrienne Lifeisgolden Skinner Ayesha La Vonia Boyd Adaleia Coultman4 J LaKayle Jones2 Abigail Boyce Gilly Dee Karmen B. Jones Carolyn Parker Chelsea Patterson Sanders Sylvia Randi Carroll MrsNohaterallowed Taylor2 Solange Campos 1 Ashley Erica Holmes Hale Jaunene Jones Angie Knight2 Miz Jones Jewel Grant HairbyJuanibless Michelle Hudson Lisa Amos Wilson Leslie Blakely8 Monique Colon MrsNohaterallowed Taylor Shekera Combs Kaleta Battle Eiimariiee Rosee Lynn Angela Watkins3 Sarah Moore 2 Cheryl Freemon Watts2 Jariel Deanna Queena Beenblessed Williams2 Jagged Edge3 Jay Roge KaRen JackSon Daniella Cardoza Lekeytha Dukes Shaw Curley N Cynthia Simpson Sonjia Murphy Saundrea Arila Mendez Kayla Bush Cheryl Freemon Watts Msincognito Shades Monica Evans3 Chara Harris Sasha Stoute2 Adrienne Lifeisgolden Skinner3 Shalari Drakes Nadia Newton Jay Roge4 Solange Campos Star Bullard Chenay N. Bryant Linda Brown Campbell J LaKayle Jones3 Nikki Poole 2 Samantha Jordan Tammie Elkerson Mcgill Urecha Dunn2 Tracy Gary Katrina Stallworth Angela Watkins2 Natanya Jones2 Urecha Dunn Frankie Monroe 2 Lakishia Brown Bella Zambezie Antoinette Jeaninne Heila Da She Serumula 2 Hairbyjuanibless4 Ann Brown KaRen JackSon2 Jariel Deanna2 Raticka Scruggs2 Jillijoy Holloway2 Kathy Terrell 3 Divinity Starr Mary Wells Jacqueline Parker Notm Pressed Jay Roge6 KaTina Smith Walker3 Naiesha Howell Lysa Davis Bella Negra1 Chasity Williams Selena So Blessed Mckibben Leslie Blakely5 Sheila Da She Serumula Nikki Poole Jazmine J. Boss Emmanuelle Key Dickerson2 Bokua Adwoa Bray Tammy Mariano Gema Ebanks Vanessa Agee Khady Didi Sow Leslie Blakely9 Leah Prater Adaleia Coultman2 Brandi Murphy Betty Alexander McGriff Nyree' Allen Frankie Monroe Andrea Cantrell Courtney Davis Diamond Mull Melody Dark Cynthiakim2 Tamara Hinkle Moore Leslie Blakely7 Princess First'Lady Briggs4 Troya Sowell Kenita Mitchell Da OC Amanda Flowers Peterson Gloria Obruche 2 Keia Parker Natanya Jones Adaleia Coultman Yasmeen Cookngd Ali Brown Natanya Jones3 KaTina Smith Walker2 Jagged Edge Notm Pressed3 Jariel Deanna1 Sasha Stoute Adaleia Coultman3 Jennifer Bass Maya Mj James2 Jagged Edge2 Shannon Bell Latanya Coverson Cynthiakim1 Hairbyjuanibless5 Talishia Robins2 Talishia Robins Hairbyjuanibless3 Alnita Reaves Vaught Tammie Braggs Raticka Scruggs Gilly Dee Kim Lewis Kathy Terrell Adey's Natural Hair Tips Princess First'Lady Briggs3 Angela Watkins Adrienne Lifeisgolden Skinner2 Bokua Adwoa Bray 2 Sarah Moore Regina Ellis Livingston Gloria Obruche 1 Raven Nacole Madison Vicky Hightower Rhonda Littles Daphanie Brooks Akeisha Tiffany Smith Kennedra Tucker Jillijoy Holloway3 Andrea Cantrell 3 LaShawn Denise Billings Monica Evans2 Essie Dodson