5 Steps to Younger Skin

Can I talk to you about your skin? Because it needs attention. You need to start paying attention, and now. Your skin is your first defense and your barrier against pollutions, UV, radicals and poisons. Care for it now, or regret it later.

 If I could offer advice to my younger-self, one of the first bits of advice I would give me is to take EXTRA care of my skin early - like in my 20s. I've been blessed with beautiful dark skin, my melanin not as rich as what I would have liked it to be but grateful for what I have. As I hit my 40s I could no longer rest on my laurels and take for granted the gift nature gave me.So that is when I started to pay attention.

As I said in my previous blog about micellar water, your skin changes as you get older due to many factors. Some natural, some preventable, some due to medications, illness, stress… etc. But adopting a basic care routine and checking the ingredients, you can maintain and improve even what you thought was impossible. You can reverse damage, encourage new cell regeneration and take years off your appearance just by paying attention to the important things.

So now I’m going to break it down for you.

Step 1. Cleanse (when not wearing foundation): Sukin Micellar Water - Micellar water deeply cleanses without drying. Sukin Refreshing Toner refreshes and reduces pores.

Step 1 Micellar


Step 2 Wipes

Step 3 SerumLet me tell you something ladies, Coui serums are my holy grail. Those dark spots? Gone with the Vitamin C Serum. Saggy eyes? Gone with the Super C serum. It's like a mini-facelift.  When I ran out of the Coui, I tried other products. None worked as efectively. The only other serums that came close to Coui are http://www.regardingskin.com.au./product-category/Serum/ and I'd use those products again. They're Australian, organic and vegan, but the Vitamin C is not as powerful as the Coui brand.

Step 4 Cream

Rignt now I am LOVING the "Re" creams like THIS and THIS. Now I know they are Australian and you'd have to order them in but damn they are fantastic. The serums, not as good as Coui (yeah I know I already said that). So that's why I put my second choice in there, the Origins range. That range is excellent for mature skin. The SPF40 is heavy - you only need to use a little. The night cream is seriously heavy too. It is more like a night treatment. I haven't mentioned it here but I also use a Lip Mask at night. If I don't, my lips wrinkle up like I left them in the dryer for 2 days.

Step 5 Eyes

OK, the deal here is, the Palmers Eye Cream is THE ABSOLUTE BOMB. I have tried all kinds of eye creams -- this one is the ONLY ONE to get rid of dark circles for real. It's moisturizing properties are not as great (but tat's not what this does) but I have no dark circles anymore. I have only started to use the Coui Eye Cream so it is too early for a verdict on that. I'll update to let you know.

So that's it. All the products you see here I use. Adopt the whole routine or just try a few - let me know how you do.




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