Micellar Water. Skincare Holy Grail

As we age, our skin becomes drier. We lose that dewiness we had had in our 20s and 30s. As hormones change, these changes can become a problem, restructuring your skin from the inside out. All the creams in the world won’t help. But the first thing you need to look at is your cleansing routine. This is where good skin begins.

 I have some *non-traditional* views of cleansing but hear me out. It’s like our hair. We have been taught to do this and that for generations, but a lot of what we have been taught deserves revisiting. And that includes facial cleansing.

Tip: First thing to know is that I do not use municipal water to clean my face. Municipal water is full of chemicals that dry out your skin and cause irritation and premature aging. If I must use water, like to remove a face mask, I use filtered water on a washcloth. And that’s it.


It looks like water, it has the viscosity of water but when you put it on your finger and feel, it has a different texture than water. It feels soft and moisturizing.

Sukin Micellar WaterMicellar water is a liquid containing micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) which are suspended in soft water. These micelles are attracted to dirt and oil, so they can draw out impurities without drying out your skin. So micellar water can be used as an all-in-one face and neck cleanser, makeup remover and moisturizer.

That is why it is so good for mature skin. It is gently, does not require excessive scrubbing and leaves the skin with no dryness or irritation. You can use it around your eyes, even if they are sensitive. Micellar water does not contain alcohol and never stings.

As our skin matures, we tend to produce less oil, not more. But if your skin is excessively oily, you may need to add an astringent such as witch hazel, to clean up some of that oil before you use the micellar water.

But all micellar water products are not equal. Just like everything you put on your skin, check the bottle for its additives and ingredients. Stay away from anything containing PEG or EDTA. Minimal glycerine and definitely no carcinogens. Companies always seem to want to add unnecessary chemicals to naturally great products!

It is essential to find ones that contain nourishing and anti-inflammatory herbs such as calendula and aloe. But basically, the fewer un-natural additives in your micellar water, the better.


On those days you wear lots of foundation or CC/BB creams, using these wipes is a good start to the cleansing routine. They do not generally deep clean (even though some brands claim to). The benefit of these wipes is that they do get the heavy surface makeup off. And the good ones add nice moisturizers and anti-aging ingredients to help with your skin’s texture.

On days I wear makeup I use these as a first step.

On days I don’t wear makeup, I use these as a last step before using a serum. If I feel like I need something extra, I will use these as a first and last step just before I use a serum. It all depends on how I feel.

In the morning I don’t feel the need to use a wipe, I just use the micellar water AFTER my shower or a long, relaxing bath (or sometimes while in the bath). I may follow up with a toner, or I may not feel the need to.

Do I exfoliate using a scrub? No. I use a natural vitamin C serum. Occasionally I will use a facial brush with a cleansing lotion  

Do I ever use soap on my face? No. Never.

Do I use face masks? Yes. Usually once every 2 weeks or more often if I’m feeling like it.

For me, changing my routine has improved the texture, tone and elasticity of my skin to where it was 20 years ago. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different things. It is important to keep up with your skin’s changes and to adjust your routines accordingly.

That is the real secret of great skin.

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Patricia Gaines

Patricia Gaines aka Deecoily is the founder and creator of Nappturality in 2002, the beginning of the natural hair movement. Since 2000 she has been blogging on all things natural hair, Black culture and politics.

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