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Nappturality ShoeOur reason to be.

Nappturality was founded in 2002 by one woman with one goal: to help Black women learn to care for and embrace their natural afro hair. It was the one place online where we could go to learn about our hair, from each other - without any pressure to straighten or use chemicals, and where our natural NAPPTURAL hair was always treated with respect. Nappy has never been a bad word on Nappturality. Our kinks and naps are our community's pride and joy.

The online natural hair movement blossomed out of Nappturality.com which served as a platform for countless Black women to start their own businesses. Empowerment is our reason to be.

Nappturality ShoeOur reason to continue.

Nappturality contains literally millions of topics and posts from real women, not paid spokespeople or influensters looking for hits and followers, about how to care for, repair and maintain natural hair. With thousands of questions, answers, tips and  we are literally an encyclopedia of natural hair. The website attracts thousands of visitors every day looking for impartial information and advice. Nappturality is a resource that is re-becoming as women continue to search for honest advice. Need is our reason to continue.

Nappturality.com is still owned by the same woman who created it (that's me) who has been personally financially supporting the website. With costs rising and the need to protect the brand becoming urgent, I need your help to keep Nappturality's repository of millions of posts and articles in an online library of collective knowledge. The original forum will be archived into a searchable database to preserve it for future generations. And I have decided to soon end all advertising on Nappturality, which will close our only revenue stream.

Nappturality ShoeThe Goal.

All these changes are custom. The brand protection is expensive. But thinking big is how we got here and I have no doubt of success. How much raised and how quickly will determine what I can and can't do to secure Nappturality's future.The initial fundraising goal is $10,000. And I think we can meet it. This will cover the new repository and brand protection. I will continue to cover all other costs as I have for 18 years.

Nappturality ShoeThank you.

Dee NappturalityTo all members old and new, thank you so much for your support. With your help I will be able to continue to guide and support the women who come our way.

Any amount you can donate is appreciated and all funds go into keeping Nappturality online and improving. Currency is USD and when the coronavirus pandemic eases, I will send an original golden Nappertiti Pin to everyone who donates over $100. Stock is very limited.

I am proud of what Nappturality has become and I hope you consider her a worthy cause and put your trust in me to protect her.

Patricia "Deecoily" Gaines, Founder


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